Tax-Aid is offering virtual tax services. That means you can email or mail us all of your tax documents and we will prepare your tax return for you. Everything will be sent back to you via email or mail. If you want to email us your documents, you will either need a scanner or the camera on your phone or computer to take photos of your tax documents.

Please follow these steps:

Step 1: Complete our tax questionnaire completely. Click the link below to either download, print and email us the questionnaire or you can complete it from the link below and select the green “Click here to verify form is ready” button at the end of the form. After verification is successful, select the green “Click here to submit” button at the end of the form. Please note this functionality does not work with Safari. Please choose another browser such as Google Chrome.

English Chinese Questionnaire |English Spanish Questionnaire

Step 2: Provide your tax documents. If you submit your tax questionnaire via this website with the link above, you will be given an option to directly upload your tax documents into a secure file folder unique to you. You can use a scanner or the camera on your phone to take photos of your tax documents that pertain to your situation. Please refer to the Checklist of Tax Forms below for the items we need.

Step 3: Send an email to us at or call us at 415-229-9240 and let us know you’ve sent us all of your documents.

Step 4: Tax-Aid will contact you to set up an appointment to review your documents with you and let you know about the next steps.