After you take the Census online, save the confirmation page and email it to and we will send you a free gift.

If you would prefer to respond to the Census Questionnaire by phone, you may call one of the following numbers:
After you complete the Census by phone, ask the operator for a confirmation number, notate it and email it to and we will send you a free gift.


Yes, You Count!

What is the Census count?

The Census count has begun!  The Census occurs every 10 years and the purpose is to count EVERY SINGLE PERSON living in the United States. It doesn’t matter if you are a citizen or not. It doesn’t matter if you have legal status. YOU COUNT!

Why does it matter?

Population data from the Census is used to determine funding for state programs that affect you and issues you care about such as how much affordable housing is built, emergency services like police and fire departments, after school activities and free school lunch programs, MediCare, food stamps and other benefits. Data is also used to determine congressional representation. Hey the Census really matters!

What questions are on the Census?

The questions are about who lives in the household, their ages and ethnicity. Even if someone is living in the household temporarily, they should be counted. It’s better to over count than to under count.Here are the types of questions you can expect on the Census (Census 2020 – Why We Ask Factsheet).

I’m really busy. Why should I complete the Census?

Sorry this is just too important to not participate. If all Californians are not counted California could lose funding. That means there might not be affordable housing built. It could mean that it takes too long for the fire department to come put out a fire. It could mean the free school lunch program at your kid’s school gets cut.

The Census won’t take long to complete. Tax-Aid can help you.

Oh and by the way, if you show us that you completed the Census, we’ll give you a FREE GIFT!

OK so what can I do?

  1. Make sure you complete the Census. If you haven’t received anything in the mail from the Census, click here to complete the Census now
  2. Spread the word to friends and family about why the Census matters


Be part of the process. Even if you can’t or don’t vote. You count.

Be counted in the Census.