Welcome Tax-Aid Coaches!

On this page you will find all of the tools you need to work with your clients.  Please click on links below to view resource documents.


Tax-Aid Pre-Coaching Questions

Talking Points, Initial Session

Client Contact Record

Tax-Aid Goals Worksheet

Talking Points, Session 2

Credit Score Basics


Tax-Aid Spending Plan

Tax Aid Financial Wheel

San Francisco Health Programs Chart

Final Coaching Session Tips

Help your client reach their goal by using the Debt Calculator

Debt Reduction Calculator

Does your client’s goal involve credit repair?   Refer them to the Consumer Credit Counseling Services.   https://www.cccssf.org/services/index.html


Tax-Aid is currently offering virtual tax services.
Please email us at admin@tax-aid.org or call us at 415-229-9240.
Tax-Aid actualmente ofrece servicios de impuestos virtuales.
Envíenos un correo electrónico a admin@tax-aid.org o llámenos al 415-229-9240.
Tax-Aid 当前提供虚拟税务服务。